Keep your bathroom up-to-date beginning with your floor. Utilize this guide to the hottest 2019 bathroom flooring tendencies and find durable, stylish bathroom flooring suggestions that will stay trendy for a long time to come.

Ask any real estate representative and they will tell you the ideal method to raise the value of your home is to update either the bathroom or the kitchen. Think about it -- when you're looking for a new residence, which rooms do you look at first?

Obviously, a fantastic layout and overall look are significant, but nothing elevates your house quite as drastically as a new kitchen or bathroom. And from personal experience, I believe that the toilet is the most important.

You see, I recently did a pretty extensive remodel on my house focusing on both the kitchen and the master bath. I really like to cook and entertain, so I assumed the kitchen would be my favourite part.

However, it ended up being my lavish master bath that kept calling my name. I wanted to make my best little oasis in which I could unwind. Now, there is no room in my home I love more.

Of course, the plan and general tone of any area start with your flooring. It's among the biggest purchases you'll earn almost any home update. To locate the very best bathroom floor, you will want to think about your own personal style and which appears will stand the test of time in case you decide to sell.


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